Davenport Hotel Wedding Lighting

Wedding Tip: DJ Location

Davenport Hotel Wedding Lighting

During the planning process and especially when it comes to deciding on a room layout, take the location of your DJ into consideration.  Often the DJ will want to be towards the center of the room rather than in a corner.  This position will provide for the most even sound coverage throughout the room.  Placing your DJ on the edge of the dance-floor will serve a number of purposes.  Earlier in the night the dance-floor will act as a sort of buffer, allowing the sound to mellow before it reaches your guests at their tables.  Later the volume on the floor will be loud enough to encourage dancing while not being too loud for your guests who are still seated.  Imagine your poor grandma, or any guest, sitting at the table right between the speaker and the dance-floor if you force the DJ into a corner.  Never mind when the volume HAS to be cranked up for announcements and speeches so the people on the other end of the room can hear.

Spokane Wedding DJ Moves Into New Location!

I couldn’t be more excited to write this post.  2014 is off to an exciting start and a lot of milestones have been reached in just the last couple of months.  I was honored with my forth consecutive Bride’s/Couple’s Choice award, I performed at my 600th wedding, and received my 50th review on Wedding Wire!  All very exciting things for me.  However the most exciting thing has been my recent move from my home office to an office space in town.

I am happy to call the Courtyard Office Building as home for Big Show Mobile Entertainment!  The move was the next step in constantly improving what I do and the services I provide my clients.

You are welcome to come by and see the space, but please call first.  I am directly across 1st Avenue from the Davenport Hotel!

Big Show Mobile Entertainment
827 W 1st Avenue
Suite 309
Spokane, WA 99201